Flying a drone at 250 grams or more requires a Drone Pilot License from Transport Canada. You can take an online exam to acquire the basic drone license, then an in-person flight test for the advanced license. AlteX Academy conducts both online training and in-person flight tests through our Advanced Drone License program. Our training experts will guide you every step of the way to fly safely and legally in Canada!

Advanced Drone Pilot Licensewith Flight Training


Our complete Advanced Drone License with flight training is the ultimate drone license program. It includes our flagship Drone Ground School, 1-day in person Flight Training and the final Flight Review. A free training drone is provided with both Flight Training and Flight Review.
Program Bonus: Extended 1-year program access. Free Drone Rental for Flight Training and Flight Review.

AdvancedDrone Pilot License

$440 $395

Advanced Drone License is a budget option for experienced drone pilots. It includes our flagship Drone Ground School and the in-person Flight Review. Learn online with Ground School to pass Transport Canada’s advanced written exam. Then come to our Drone Hub for the in-person flight review to test your flight skills and receive the full Advanced License.
Program Bonus: Extended 6-months program access.