Ground School

Drone ground school prepares students for Transport Canada’s online exam to acquire Drone Pilot Certificate.

Flight Review

Transport Canada’s Flight Review for a small RPAS/Drone Pilot Certificate – Advanced Operations.

Flight Training

This 3-hour session includes hands-on flight training to prepare you for Transport Canada’s Drone Flight Review.

Drone Training

DJI Drone Training is a comprehensive equipment training course to help you fly DJI drones with confidence, efficiency, and safety.

Real Estate Photography

This application focused course covers all knowledge areas of drone photography for Real Estate marketing.

Intro to
Drone Survey & Geomatics

This introductory drone survey course covers the collection, integration and management of geomatics data with drones.

Enterprise Certification

A DJI authorized certification course developed for corporations who plan to build up a pilot team and individuals.


AlteX Drone Compliance and Renewal course is designed for seasoned drone pilots preparing for license renewal in Canada.

Radio Exam

Restricted Operators Certificate Aeronautical is a radio communications exam administered by Industry Canada.

  • It's a great place to learn everything about Drone. The instructors are very professional, knowledgeable and very friendly. The facility is nice, suitable for practicing and close to Toronto. I bought my drone with confidence.
  • The facilities are perfect for flying and learning about drones. The instructors and staff are exceptionally friendly, and the advanced reviewer is an ace—super friendly, patient, and helpful. The field is beautifully maintained and well-organized, featuring a geodesic dome with Wi-Fi, seating, charging stations, coffee, and refreshments. It's an ideal setup for drone enthusiasts. I recently completed my advanced review there, spending 2 to 2.5 hours. I only wish I lived closer so I could...
  • A spectacular year-round venue for learning all about drones, how they can be used plus best practices for safe and responsible flight under Transport Canada guidelines. Pictured here is AlteX Flight Instructor Ed and my nephew Jack, who took his first instructor-led flight during our visit on Family Day. Congratulations Jack!
  • Excellent facility to learn more about drones and to help you get your drone pilot's certificate. I took their advanced course online and did the flight review and it helped me get my advanced drone pilot's certificate very quickly.
  • I've done my advanced license with Altex Academy. Having everything you need in one place is not so easy and marvelous job by the Altex team. Yifei is extremely knowledgeable and having access to her expertise is a privilege. I tried on some flying with Edward and he shares all his knowledge without any hesitation. Based on one question he can tell what is your next question and it is so easy with him. I took my flight review with Frankie and he was thorough in drone safety. Overall, Altex is a...