Ground School

Drone ground school prepares students for Transport Canada’s online exam to acquire Drone Pilot Certificate.

Flight Review

Transport Canada’s Flight Review for a small RPAS/Drone Pilot Certificate – Advanced Operations.

Flight Training

This 3-hour session includes hands-on flight training to prepare you for Transport Canada’s Drone Flight Review.

Drone Training

DJI Drone Training is a comprehensive equipment training course to help you fly DJI drones with confidence, efficiency, and safety.

Real Estate Photography

This application focused course covers all knowledge areas of drone photography for Real Estate marketing.

Intro to
Drone Survey & Geomatics

This introductory drone survey course covers the collection, integration and management of geomatics data with drones.

Enterprise Certification

A DJI authorized certification course developed for corporations who plan to build up a pilot team and individuals.


AlteX Drone Compliance and Renewal course is designed for seasoned drone pilots preparing for license renewal in Canada.

Radio Exam

Restricted Operators Certificate Aeronautical is a radio communications exam administered by Industry Canada.

  • The Altex courses are thorough, methodical and still easy to complete unlike most of the knowledge flooding that digital courses seem to provide. The sprawling facility and open field days are great to practise and meet industry professionals. I got a few of my drones from them too, saved me the unboxing-configuration hassle. Def recommending Altex to other drone enthusiasts.
  • If you are someone looking to get an Drone pilot license I urge you to use AlteX Academy, the course was very helpful and prepared me for my online exam as well as my in person exam. They're course is very in depth and very helpful as well as if you have questions they are there for you. You won't be disappointed.
  • I recommend the whole package, including flight training, even if you feel you are well experienced. I was flying with the basic certificate for a couple of years and even with that experience the flight training was a very important factor in my passing the flight review. Great instructors, great attention and response time on questions during the course as well.
  • Altex Academy is an absolutely fun, thorough, and professional way to introduce yourself to the Drone/RPAS industry. With a friendly and passionate atmosphere, I felt I had the right answers to all my questions and enjoyed every course I had completed. (Ground/Flight School). Hats off to Frank and Yifei for all your help! Highly recommend Altex and would not hesitate to tell anyone interested in drones to stop by!
  • This is a great place to begin or continue your RPAS education. AlteX Academy is the best out there! They have great online training modules and outstanding flight fields. The staff was always accommodating and very professional. I would recommend this service to anyone interested in this industry.