How to Improver
Your Drone Operations
with Flight Training

Taking a Drone Flight Course is an essential step
to improve your drone operations and skills.


Drone technology has become more and more automated in recent years. These automated machines made pilots wonder why you would need drone training. The answer to this is simple – with high level automation, there is a bigger need to understand the equipment and workflow so pilots can manage the automated process. With professional-led training, you can improve pilot skills more efficiently and put that learning time towards effective operations.

Taking a  Drone Flight Course  is an essential step to improve your drone operations and skills. It is also an opportunity to learn from other pilots’ experiences, answer any operational questions and apply real-world scenarios to make application in the field significantly easier.

Conduct Basic Flight Dynamics 

A main part of flying is control. Whether it is thrust, pitch, yaw or roll, these basic flight dynamics may seem easy on paper but surprisingly difficult to achieve precisely in-flight. Most beginner pilots find the drone drifting in-flight as they are directed to fly straight. This is because the drone’s joystick controls are designed to control multiple flight dynamics with a single joystick. Without practice and direction, pilots can easily move the joystick in undesired direction without knowing.

Apply Regulation and Safety Procedures 

Flight Training also allows pilots to apply regulations and safety procedures in a practical environment. This can help pilots better understand the theory knowledge and what they mean for flight operations.

Interpret and Manage Flight Control Settings 

In addition to basic flight control and air law, professional drone training provides detailed flight control training. This helps pilots to accurately understand the various system settings on a drone and make necessary adjustments to achieve desired results. A thorough understanding of flight control settings makes for smooth flight operations.

Using Automated Flight Modes 

As drone technology advanced, many useful automatic features have been introduced to improve flight performance. Knowing when and how to use these automated flight modes enables pilots to achieve professional results such as dynamic film shots or precision surveys.

Analyze Data Processing 

Capturing drone data is only the first step. Being able to process and use the data to make important business decisions is just as important. With AlteX Flight Training, students are introduced to professional software and see how drone data is processed to produce results. Data-processing also allows drone pilots to analyze their flight settings to understand areas needing improvement.

Take a Drone Flight Training Course  with AlteX is a great start to becoming a professional drone pilot. Investing in drone flight training is setting the foundation for your drone career, providing you with valuable knowledge and skills that will benefit for years to come.

Structured, professional training is designed to assist drone pilots learn essential skills, improve flight performance and avoid potentially costly errors.