Become a Professional Drone Pilot
with AlteX ACADEMY

Our training is designed to help students
through every stage of their operations.


The year 2014 was still early for drone industry adoption. There were many uncertainties as to where the industry was heading to. Most of the students took the course for their own vision of building a drone business. They brought passion and motivation that inspired us to build AlteX Academy, a dedicated Drone Research and Training Company.

Every AlteX Course is driven by our students’ needs. From a simple workshop to Transport Canada ~ Compliant Ground School, Flight Training, and Workflow Setup. Our training is designed to help students through every stage of their operations.

As the industry continued to develop, more and more working professionals took up drone training. From engineers using drones for survey, police and fire fighters for emergency operations, to filmmakers for aerial cinematography and farmers for agriculture monitoring. They came with highly focused goals for government compliance and a workflow solution that delivers results.

The increase in demand from working professionals brought major challenges to traditional classroom training: accessibility, capacity and learning results.

These challenges can only be resolved through online learning. But online learning raised other concerns such as personal attention, content quality, and learning impact. If only we can build a learning system using technology to address traditional learning concerns, providing a real modern learning platform to train for the technology sector. With this vision, we’ve spent the last 2 years researching, building and testing our own Learning Management System.

We are announcing a new modern Learning Management System. With today’s technology, the implementation of features is much more important than the features themselves. With AlteX 2.0, we have applied user experience to every learning feature and make them work for our students.

AlteX 2.0 is fully compatible with mobile learning. Our on-the-go learning goes beyond the standard mobile compatibility. We designed learning content with graphics elements and a navigation panel that fits mobile screen’s size. Our modular and bite-sized learning material also speeds up content loading on a mobile network.

It seems the most popular technology today is adding Smart to all traditional electronics: Smart Phones, Smart TVs, Smart Homes etc. Smart Systems are widely implemented and improving every aspect of our lives. It’s only logical to also have a smart learning system that works for the learner and trainer guiding students through every stage of learning to achieve results.

With AlteX 2.0, we have implemented many smart features such as Smart Quiz, which generates a Post-Quiz Report designed to shows the students’ strengths and weaknesses in each learning module. This enables them to review learning material with a focus.

We have also implemented Smart Support, which provides live support to answer students’ questions during learning. There are many other features such as content search and a learning guide. AlteX Tech Team is always working on new features to make the learning system work for our students.

But of course, the most important part of training was the actual content. When researching professional training, we saw that learners’ #1 reason for taking professional training is because it was mandatory, either required by industry regulation or by the employer. Then, when asked about their biggest disappointment from professional training, most people chose the quality of the learning content. Even with the most engaging instructor, it’s rare to see a course with well designed learning content.

So, when building AlteX 2.0, we set a goal to build courses that inspire people to learn. We studied students’ attention spans to learn how and why they drop. Then we built content such as Fun Facts, Make Connections and Aviation History to spark student’s interest and bring their focus back.

We also implemented content design standards to manage students’ expectations, as well as best practices to help students find their learning style.

One of the major challenges with online training is learning impact, which relates to learner and trainer interactivity. To address it, we included Instructor-Led Webinars hosted at AlteX Studio. The webinars are short and frequent which helps students to address learning challenges. They are also recorded and available for those unable to attend.

The key to modern learning is to let technology work for both learner and trainer alike. AlteX 2.0 is only the beginning of our vision. Currently, we are developing VR and Simulation Training modules that will create a more emerging learning experience for students anywhere. We are also building more application focused courses to help operators implement drones safely, efficiently and to achieve excellent results.

We very much look forward to bringing the best drone training experience to you!

Stay posted as we release more features and updates.